08/28/14 at 01:33am
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Too much work

  08/28/14 at 01:33am
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pitter patter

  08/25/14 at 06:12pm

the progression

  08/25/14 at 06:06pm

aus where one is tsun are fun

  08/25/14 at 06:06pm

im such a sap

  08/24/14 at 07:26pm

Anonymous asked: holy holy holy motherlode ad is so fuvking attractive with buzz cut like holy moly i cannot


thank u

  08/24/14 at 03:03am

Anonymous asked: im glad that roberto got a new litter box

thank you ^_^ we are too

  08/24/14 at 01:53am


I lied this was my cintiq test doodle actually 

  08/24/14 at 01:09am
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Do you have names for their teenage kids in the modern au?
gotten a few q’s abt the kidz so here is a trusty infographic
as for your q, no we still havent bothered to look for legit names for them so we just call them this personally haha, if you have suggestions feel free to sling em
  08/24/14 at 12:19am



  08/23/14 at 09:32pm

bonus doobles

  08/23/14 at 09:30pm


practicing jutsus

  08/23/14 at 09:28pm

let me in let me in

  08/22/14 at 11:40pm


spooky magic!!

  08/22/14 at 11:39pm