It’s still vday in my time zone sooooo I’ll take drawing requests of my ocs?

I’ll do any au including ones that don’t exist, I’ll do porn requests to celebrate vday, I’m feeling flirty and fun so please feel free to be fun and flirty as well. I hope all of you guys had a nice day. 


I guess I’ll also like answer asks and shit. 

I don’t have any new drawings to post with this so you’re getting a repost**

Send asks to degamo I don’t feel like checking two diff ask boxes :3c

  02/15/14 at 01:31am
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Anonymous asked: Woah do you gals have a lot of drawings you never post or something


  01/30/14 at 10:45pm

orchidmantid asked: do u have any aus where one of them is a villain and the other is sweet as cherry pie and/or law enforcement. ADDITIONALLY in which aus do they have the most freckles (or scars) and the least

Omg you are on a roll today you are so good

Also the sliding scale works from

<Nicer = More freckles ——————————-Evil = More Scars> 

  01/30/14 at 10:39pm

sweetappletea asked: Is there a story about the monster couple you posted sketches of recently (the orange pencil ones)? I think they're adorable!!

Ahhh thank you so much!!!!

 There’s not much of a story but it’s basically just sort of a semi retro styled slice of life setup where they live in a spooky town and dr frankenstein makes franken lies and franken lies makes franken ad because she’s a mad scientist and wants a franken friend and they have lil teenage adventures about going grocery shopping and trying to get parttime jobs. 

img unrelated**

  01/30/14 at 10:32pm
YOU ANSWERED ANOTHER OH THANK GOD also her boobs are so. they are so. Squints. Where is the signature titty

god ok whatever

  01/30/14 at 08:54pm

notmikey asked: in which au is lies' titty game strongest

Every au the game is so strong except for this lil guy 

  01/30/14 at 08:46pm

Beautiful gorgeous 

  01/30/14 at 08:32pm

I fucking hate this kid 

  01/30/14 at 08:30pm

notmikey asked: wheres the furry au

Ya ok why not 




  01/30/14 at 08:29pm
  01/30/14 at 08:24pm
pirate aus are like. my lifeblood. have you ever considered a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas, with sea witches and mermaids and nautical gods and the like

You are a smart person and I like you 

  01/30/14 at 08:23pm

clevercheshire asked: What are their pet peeves?!!

((( HI SHELBY !! ))) 

Over the course of many aus they’re both usually perfectionists so I guess pet peeves are usually going to be people being untimely or inefficient or being told things late, messiness etc And 2 many bad jokes 

  01/30/14 at 08:22pm

Anonymous asked: what's your favorite alternate universe you've put your characters in? are there any other situations you're dying to try?

I guess we like every au for different reasons. I think out of both of our choices the fave is probably just the modern au of ad and lies because they’re probably the “most them”…… Probably the purest versions of their personalities. 

And combining with another ask, every sort of magical adventure au is pretty fun to draw. The current favourites are probably our recent sorcerer au, 70’s witch nancy drew au, and frankenfriends au for me, Dio. 

Also there are so many untried situations.. You guys should suggest some hahah. 


  01/30/14 at 08:06pm

Anonymous asked: fAV SEx position any au

  01/30/14 at 07:49pm

Anonymous asked: Favorite food?

I probably won’t draw shit for asks but it just felt extremely sad to answer an ask with just “lobster and ravioli” 

  01/30/14 at 07:38pm